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Cosmetics & Implants

Porcelain crowns
Dental Implants
A dental implant is a titanium replacement for the root of a tooth that is surgically implanted in a patient’s jawbone. After the surgery, the patient’s body heals for approximately two to six months. During this time, the bone around the implant fuses to it. This process is called osseointegration.
After the healing phase is complete, the implants are used to anchor crowns, bridges or dentures.
Single-Tooth Implant
A single-tooth implant is a permanent solution to a missing tooth.
Several Teeth/Implants
Implants for several teeth benefit from a fixed bridge. For example, say you are replacing three teeth in the far back of the mouth. A fixed bridge, anchored to the dental implants, is the only fixed alternative. Traditional dentures can't offer the same stability or function.
Full-Arch Replacement
When all teeth are missing or are in such poor condition that they need to be replaced, a fixed bridge anchored to dental implants is the best permanent solution.
Before dental implants, there were no fixed solutions available for people who lost all their teeth. Today, it is possible to replace all teeth with dental implants and a fixed bridge. This combination results in a permanent, stable and highly attractive solution.
We have exciting new biomaterials that can give your smile a lift without invasive treatment. We can use ultrathin, porcelain veneers to correct chipped, weakened or discolored teeth. Say goodbye to yellow teeth, gaps and embarrassing chips. Veneers can return real structural integrity to damaged teeth and leave them looking as good (or possibly better) than the originals.
At Cypress Plaza Dental Group & Orthodontics, your veneers are custom made to fit over your natural teeth. Porcelain veneers are unnoticeable. People will simply see your beautiful, natural smile.
Teeth Whitening
Your smile is important. It's one of the first things you notice when you meet someone. A whiter, brighter smile is beautiful. It can also help you feel better about yourself and make a memorable impression on others. However, your lifestyle and the aging process can stain and darken your teeth. Many things we do on a regular basis can contribute to stained teeth, such as smoking or the drinking of coffee, tea, cola and red wine.
Whitening makes your smile look its best. You should look for a whitening procedure that is fast, convenient, long lasting and proven to be safe and effective. We offer Zoom, a whitening treatment we can provide in the office. Zoom is the most advanced one-hour whitening system on the market. We also offer take-home bleaching kits.

Porcelain Dental Crowns
When the size of a filling exceeds a certain proportion of the tooth, it must be replaced with a cap. This cap is also called a crown. Porcelain crowns look very natural and don't have a dark metal line. Porcelain crowns reflect light with a natural, healthy glow.
Dental Bonding
Bonding is like sculpting individual teeth. We use special, tooth-like material that looks, acts and feels like the real thing. Bonding is an affordable, quick and painless way to repair many cosmetic flaws or injuries.
Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings
Replace old crowns and bridges with metal-free restorations, and turn a “metal mouth” into a natural smile. There's a huge difference between metal fillings and our new porcelain restorations. The new porcelain versions offer the translucence of natural teeth. Our new, metal-free crowns, inlays and bridges won't show wear or cause opposing teeth to erode. Plus, fitting a crown or bridge is easy and quick.
Invisalign: The Clear Alternative to Braces
Invisalign uses a series of clear aligners that are custom-molded to fit you. The virtually invisible aligners gradually reposition your teeth into a smile you'll be proud of.
  •   Remove your aligners to eat, brush and floss
  •   Change aligners every two weeks
  •   Your teeth move little by little
  •   Regular progress checks with your dentist or orthodontist
  •   Results often seen in six months to one year

Why People Prefer Invisalign
The Invisalign system is convenient and easy to use. Because of these two factors, over half a million people have chosen Invisalign. In fact, Invisalign has been effective in giving hundreds of thousands of people amazing new smiles.
  •   Most people won't notice you're in treatment
  •   Won't disrupt your lifestyle
  •   Free initial consultation with participating doctors

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